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The amount of data arriving from various sources is constantly increasing. Enterprises in particular are finding this out every day as they collect, integrate and analyse data on a massive scale. According to IDC forecasts, in 2025 there will already be 180 zettabytes of data stored worldwide. On average, the amount of data collected is growing by 23% each year, with companies producing it at a faster rate (28%) than individual consumers.  

Many organisations, on the other hand, still find it difficult to use them effectively, especially for strategic and business purposes. Storing them securely is also a challenge, especially in this era of all kinds of cyber threats. 


Data has become one of the most valuable resources in the digital age and has huge economic and social potential. In fact, every piece of information we have can contribute to the development of our business. What’s more – every field now relies on analytics. Comprehensive data insights allow business managers to make the necessary changes, eliminate inefficient processes and anticipate potential risks, as well as giving them the ability to adapt to an ever-changing market environment, which in turn results in a competitive advantage.  

All this means that business expectations of the data itself, but also of its quality and availability, are constantly increasing. 

Challenges for companies

In data in the context of data processing, it is impossible not to mention the challenges that companies face in the area of data. It can be quite a challenge for companies to organise and use data in such a way that various types of analysis and conclusions can be based on it. This is where data integration using appropriate tools – in the form of software or applications – comes to the rescue. This process combines data from different sources. The aim of data integration is to gather and systematise information relevant to company management and strategic decision-making based on up-to-date, unified data in one place. An example of a tool that works in this way – integrating data from multiple sources and providing reports to analyse the data – is Microsoft Power BI. 

It is also worth mentioning that any problem with the database environment translates into significant business consequences. These can range from production downtime to the inability to serve customers, or even financial penalties affecting the company. This makes security – which we understand in this aspect as a guarantee of database availability – highly valued these days. summ-it as ‘one stop partner in data world’ guarantees the continuity of our customers’ database systems – we offer 24/7/365 support. We support more than 10,000 databases, with an SLA of 99.995%. 

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One stop partner in data world

Cloud computing is a solution that enables data to be shared securely in real time. The proliferation of cloud solutions in recent years has convinced many companies to outsource certain competences. Businesses naturally want to professionalise and also automate processes to a certain extent. Companies want to operate faster, more efficiently, on a larger scale and with less downtime. In the area of databases, on the other hand, companies expect data availability and data security. 

Many companies choose to implement a cloud solution alone without additional managed services. It is worth remembering, however, that the added value comes not only from an efficient infrastructure, but above all from the optimal configuration of the systems used. IT experts who implement and then manage the solution can help us to fully exploit the potential of cloud computing. 

The area of collecting data, storing it securely and using it to grow the business is interconnected. summ-it as a partner provides full support in the area of data. We provide our services on an end-to-end, which means that when we undertake a partnership with our clients, we offer a comprehensive service from database audit to system implementation and maintenance. Our aim is to secure your data at every stage of its lifecycle. 

We optimise the costs of cloud solutions – our clients save on average more than 20% of their monthly cloud costs. We also provide BI analytics solutions for forecasting, including the most advanced Power BI reports, giving our clients the right data to make strategic decisions. If, on the other hand, the technology solutions available on the market do not fully meet your organisation’s needs, we can create bespoke applications for your business, ensuring efficient process execution and full data integration.

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We can help in all these areas and many more. We offer comprehensive IT solutions based on implementation best practices and proven methodologies.

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