Database systems scaling

The process of database systems scaling requires, first of all, the appropriate preparation and development of a data growth estimation model corresponding to given business conditions. Determining the estimated increase in data and the demand for resources such as CPU or RAM allows you to prepare the necessary budget and secure the processes of increasing the scale of systems.

In summ-it, we implement systems scaling projects based on a specially developed model of data increase estimation, allowing you to maintain the continuity of services in your company.

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Data growth estimation

Verification of the structure and objects in the database

Efficient resources usage

Indications for increasing database systems scale

In order to maintain the services continuity, in many cases it is necessary to rescale the database system in the company. The reason behind the necessity to perform the estimation of the system increment in your company may be:

  • strategic changes in the organization,
  • IT environment analysis in terms of the business goals pursued by the organization,
  • IT budget planning,
  • planned increase of the resource data,
  • the need to expand the system with additional data,
  • system integration or migration,
  • the need to test the system’s potential,
  • estimating the size of the budget associated with rescaling the system.



Why should you entrust scaling database systems to summ-it?

By estimating the increase of systems in summ-it, we develop a special estimation model corresponding to your business conditions, taking into account the plans for using the system in the future.

At summ-it, we focus on partnership relations. We work together with our clients to estimate the increase in data in the system as accurately as possible. We know that this approach guarantees the best results and we have evidence of it.



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What do you gain by estimating the increase of systems with summ-it?

Maintaining the continuity of services

Scale your systems securely

Certain budget allocation sources

Better and faster investment results

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How does the process of scaling systems by summ-it look like?

The main goal of the activities undertaken in the database scaling process is the ability to manage resources on a much larger scale while maintaining adequate system performance. Moreover, when scaling databases, we keep costs at the same level of efficiency as given resources provide. With the above in mind, the system scaling process is as follows:


1. Data scaling environment analysis

  • Verification of the structure and objects in the database
  • Data stored in the system analysis


2. Verification of data increase and development of an estimation model corresponding to business conditions

  • Checking the compliance of estimated increments with business conditions
  • Verification of customer needs as well as goals and plans for the future in the context of database enlargement or changes


3. Development of the final report with a list of conclusions and recommendations

  • A detailed report with all the information you need to scale or migrate your system
  • Recommendations of our specialists in accordance with the estimation developed model


4. Presentation of the estimation of data increase in the period of subsequent months

  • Depending on the needs and the specific case of the client, we analyse a specific period in which activities related to the database system will be planned
  • Estimating the potential effects of implementing changes
    from a performance point of view.

Technologies we support

Scaling – how to increase the efficiency of database systems

At summ-it, we want to be sure that your data is in good hands. Thanks to the data growth estimation service in your company, you can prevent problems resulting from insufficient system capacity and facilitate data management on a larger scale. At the same time, we propose changes that will have the least possible impact on the entire system. Our goal is to make it easier for your company to use the system and to enable quick implementation of employees in new properties.

We know that an increase in information in a database system often causes a extended response time, carries a higher risk of failure, and results in data fragmentation. We are here to use the developed model to secure your company’s system and successfully scale it to the required size and functions.

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PEPCO Poland Sp. z o.o.

The cooperation included scalability and system performance audits, as well as a number of database infrastructure development projects. summ-it also provides 24/7 support 365 days a year for more than 200 databases with a total size of more than 300 TB.

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