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The rapid development of the organization determines high expectations related to the response time of IT departments, especially in terms of delivering solutions. In almost every business case, delivery times indicate a competitive advantage and value proposition.

To ensure scalability and high availability of the solution for your company, we offer comprehensive database migration to the Microsoft Azure platform. At the same time, we are able to provide solutions for various types of databases.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner with Microsoft Advanced Specialization certification in the field of system migration to the cloud, we guarantee that your systems will be migrated in accordance with the Cloud Adoption Framework standard.

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High availability

Microsoft Azure offers various types of components with several availability options. In addition, it gives you the ability to geo-replicate in order to improve RTO and RPO indicators.


Ability to change system properties, including online \system resources to safeguard data growth. Resources are available at all times and you don’t have to wait for them to be delivered.

Cost management

This solution reduces the cost of maintaining an IT infrastructure. Thanks to the appropriate configuration, fees are charged only for the resources used, and thanks to the analysis of data growth, your company can estimate its costs in the future.

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Why is it worth introducing cloud solutions?



One of the most common reasons that holds back IT delivery is infrastructure readiness and scalability. Local solutions require much more time to reconfigure than other options, such as e.g. public cloud.

Perfect solutions

To eliminate these difficulties, we recommend migrating the infrastructure, including databases, to the Microsoft Azure platform.

These changes should be made in accordance with a work plan based on best practices used in managing IT support.

Awaited results

As a result, your company receives a cloud platform solution that guarantees scalability and systems high availability. Moreover, it results in minimizing the necessary workload related to the administrative infrastructure.

How to improve data availability thanks to summ-it and Microsoft Azure solutions?

Thanks to Microsoft Azure, we are able to migrate data to a cloud platform that will solve your business challenges and secure data growth in your organization. This platform offers unlimited disk space available at the right time and helps you modify system resources online.

We have the higest qualifications of Microsoft Azure Partner – Advanced Specialization in the category: Windows Server and SQL Server Migration. Use our experience to improve data management in your organization.


The course of implementing cloud solutions

The migration process follows an advanced work plan that includes all the best practices described in the Cloud Adoption Framework and uses the ITIL® standard. The plan was divided into three stages.

Migration stages

After carrying out a specific migration process, the client receives a comprehensive system migration along with all data protection.

Stage 1

Pre-migration actions

  • data analysis,
  • initial migration,
  • conversion.

Stage 2


  • migration,
  • data synchronization,
  • production launch after migration.

Stage 3

Post-migration actions

  • repair applications,
  • tests execution,
  • optimization.

Microsoft Azure as the central data platform in Żabka Polska

The company is now using Microsoft Azure App Service web hosting to increase flexibility. Furthermore, it has implemented Azure SQL Database instead of SharePoint lists to optimize system performance and enable greater scalability. All data stored on the SharePoint platform can also be visualized using Power BI data analytics.

Jakub Mazerant
Head of Sales

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