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This software is designed to process data describing the functioning of the enterprise. Depending on the complexity, they are used for holistic reporting as well as more precise data analysis, which ,directly, it is to lead to their optimization and, as a result, to savings or increase in efficiency. Business Intelligence systems are used by companies to gain a competitive advantage, to model business decisions of fundamental importance, to predict crises or create responses to them, as well as to optimize processes leading to, for example, an increase in the company’s value. The unquestionable advantage of Business Intelligence systems is the ability to collect and process data from various sources. Modern Business Intelligence systems also provide quick access to data and reports, as well as clear data visualizations.

With summ-it, you will choose the right Business Intelligence system for your needs. Regardless of your business and infrastructure expectations, you will benefit from our experience gained on the basis of numerous implementations for companies from various sectors and operations scale. Business Intelligence systems offer:

Access to data regardless of time or device.

Data collection from various sources.

Clear reports and quick data analysis.

When is it worth implementing Business Intelligence Systems?


In the 21st century, you cannot rest on your laurels. Implementing changes is a necessity. BI systems definitely facilitate this task, because they offer data-based knowledge. Even though most companies collect huge amounts of data, only small portion of those companies have the ability to benefit from it. Analysis and drawing conclusions based on data are the key factor in the success of a knowledge-based enterprise. Therefore, choose any department in your company, and business intelligence systems, based on data, will allow you to look at its activities. Cost optimization? Sales procedures streamlining? Creating grading in stakeholder groups? Logistics or delivery parameters analysis? Effectiveness of HR or marketing? Or maybe modeling new solutions or confirming hypotheses? This is just the tip of the mountain of topics that you can deal with effectively using the optimal Business Intelligence system.

Your company should invest in Business Intelligence systems if:

  • it wants to significantly shorten the time of obtaining analyses from large data sets,
  • it wants to collect data from various sources to one place,
  • it wants a relatively simple and accessible tool that is accessible to the entire organization,
  • it wants to optimize processes and increase competitiveness,
  • it wants to be a knowledge-based organization.


Why entrust the choice of the BI system to summ-it?

You are aware of the benefits of Business Intelligence systems. How can you be sure that summ-it will be the right company to introduce such solutions?

Before proposing the final solution, we carefully analyse your possibilities, needs and the data sources used. We can also advise you at this stage on what in your company may turn out to be worth measuring, or what areas are usually optimized first. In relations with clients, we adopt a priori partnership attitude and provide as much experience as only a given client is able to accept. Our portfolio and among the companies that have provided us with references include sales and distribution companies, production plants, service companies, as well as financial, construction and investment organizations, and even holdings operating on many different levels. At summ-it, we have extensive and documented experience in implementing Business Intelligence systems. We know the challenges of collecting and processing data, which allows us to match optimal tools and implementation processes to your needs.

Our clients enjoy stable, fast BI systems, the operation of which is based on the latest methodologies.




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What do you gain from business intelligence systems?

easily accessible reports

the ability to collect data from multiple sources

quick implementation

the possibility of basing the infrastructure on cloud solutions

Business Intelligence systems revolutionize the approach to running a business!


The time of making decisions, having key importance for running a business, based only on assumptions or assumptions, has passed forever. Business intelligence tools allow you to collect data from various sources, and then process and transfer them in the form of transparent reports. Thanks to BI tools, you will check your business hypotheses, model processes, and optimize processes within the company or individual departments. You will identify threats as well as business opportunities that under normal circumstances could not be discovered for a long time.


  • Data availability

Business Intelligence tools in most cases offer effortless access to data, regardless of the device used, the ICT infrastructure, time or user skills. Data visibility can be reserved for any selected groups of recipients, e.g. divided into departments or roles in the company. This convenience is one of the most frequent motivators to implement BI systems in companies with a highly complex employee structure.

  • Various data sources

Business intelligence systems collect and process data flowing from various sources, ranging from classic databases to information collected by sensors or sales systems. All this means that you can have all the parameters related to the company in one place.

  • Increase in profitability

Business Intelligence directly translates into better financial results of the enterprise. Better and faster decisions affect the processes streamlining and higher profits at the same level of work performed.

  • Predictions

Modelling and predicting threats and opportunities is the milestone of modern management in many departments. Marketing, HR, sales, logistics, administration, and production – they can all benefit from the historical data analysis to look smarter into the future.


The range of our work

  • full implementation of selected business intelligence systems
  • proactive counselling
  • data sources integration
  • updating and onboarding employees
  • optimization areas definition
  • system support

Meet clients with whom we reach the peak together

At the client’s request, we provided analysis and implementation of a data warehouse and reporting system for departments such as sales and controlling, aggregating data from over 10 different systems, including flat files (XLS).

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Head of Sales

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