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In today’s world, every organization deals with huge data amounts. Their proper use is not a clear-out case at all. How to use the possessed information to achieve business goals and improve results? Data Science is the answer.

Large raw data amounts do not really carry any value. Proper information extraction becomes crucial thanks to a specialized skill. This is what Data Science is all about. Thanks to proper data processing and visualization, it is possible to draw conclusions and predict future events. Thanks to this, your business can be taken to a whole new level! 

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What is Data Science?

We live in times when each of us generates various data every day. Together, this creates a huge data amount which, without proper processing, only creates chaos. However, with the right tools, they can be very valuable resources. It is thanks to the data that it is possible to study various phenomena, draw conclusions needed to make business decisions, and even predict future events with high probability.

Data Science is a field that combines several sciences – statistics, mathematics, machine learning, and data visualization among others. It’s a scientific approach to meeting your business needs. Data Science-related procedures are very complicated and require both key skills and specialist and industry knowledge.


Data Science – analytics levels 

Data Science can be used for many purposes, taking advantage of the fact that the concept is built on the basis of Data Analytics. Analytics can be carried out at various levels, distinguishing three main groups that complement each other perfectly.

  • Descriptive analytics. What happened?

Describes or summarizes raw data in such a way that it can be interpreted by a human. This type of analysis identifies past events. It explains what happened at a given point in a certain time. This enables you to learn from past behaviours and understand how they might affect your outcomes in the future. Most of the statistics we use fall into this category. An example are reports that provide insight into historical data regarding production, finance, sales, operations, inventory, or customers.

  • Predictive analytics. What will happen?

It is a tool used to predict future events. Provides insight into what is yet to happen. Of course, all predictions are made within a certain probability – you can never be 100% sure that a predicted event will occur. This type of analysis consists primarily in collecting and grouping the information held, and then filling it based on the most likely scenarios. The basis here is the persistence of recorded data in systems, using various models and calculations to capture the relationships between different data sets. It can be used, for example, to predict consumer behaviour , purchasing patterns or sales activities.

  • Prescriptive analytics. How can we achieve it?

It allows you to issue a prescription for a number of different possible actions and determine their impact. In practice, it is about giving advice. The goal is to quantify the effects of future decisions in order to get advice on possible outcomes before decisions are actually made. In general, it foresees many options for the future and allows to assess different possible action outcomes. When properly applied, it can predict not only what will happen, but also why. It goes beyond the descriptive and predictive analysis by recommending different possible ways of acting with possible outcomes. This method uses a combination of business rules, algorithms, machine learning, and computational modelling procedures.

Prescription analytics, as the most complex, is used the least. Many companies do not have the appropriate knowledge and tools to be able to use it in their daily activities. However, when properly implemented, it has a huge impact on the way business decisions are made and the organization financial results.  Withsumm-it , you can effectively implement all types of data analytics and thus make better business decisions, generating a competitive advantage.

With summ-it, you will effectively implement all types of data analytics and make better business decisions, generating a competitive advantage.

Data Science – what do we offer? 

Our offer includes a full range of Data Science services. We support organizations in conducting effective analyses and making good decisions. We combine maintenance knowledge, scaling and data processing in order to obtain the best solutions to predict future events – based on the most accurate data and facts. The predictions made are always based on appropriate statistical models. Simulation implementation allows the best indicators selection in the analytical process, which translates into the most effective solutions selection.

We help organizations use data to achieve a competitive advantage, improve efficiency and achieve business goals faster. With Data Science you can operate more efficiently and eliminate many errors. You just need to use a professional support. You have the necessary information at your fingertips – you need to know how to extract it!

Data Science – why us?

The information produced every day is a real mine of knowledge and data useful for your business. Use it with the help of real specialists. Data Science with summ-it is a comprehensive service including full support in the data analysis field, its visualization, and predictions made on this basis.



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We will help you achieve your goals and get the best possible results. Bet on specialist knowledge and many years of experience! Our competences are confirmed by the following certificates:

  • Azure Data Scientist Associate,
  • Azure AI Fundamentals,
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate,
  • Microsoft Azure Advanced Specialization in 3 areas: Analytics, Windows Server and SQL Server Migration, Modernization of Web Applications

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Customer Voice – Natural Language Processing

D-Marin is the leading marinas global network with 16 harbours in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf. The organization needed a tool to collect, analyse and control customer feedback in real time and an easy-to-use, scalable feedback management solution. Customer Voice has been implemented to test the opinions sentiment regarding the customers location. As a result of the project, the company is able to perfectly adapt to the market and meet customer expectations.

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