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The implementation IT systems changes, as well as the process of cloud adoption in organizations, often requires changes to the current company IT infrastructure. The external auditor holistic view allows noticing the most important aspects and performing a market benchmark, as well as designing the cloud environment, and its maintenance costs (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership). Thanks to this, your company can easily optimize the work of IT departments and adapt it to business requirements.

Improving the quality of the IT organization

Identifying bottlenecks

IT infrastructure optimization and cloud adoption plan

Advantages of performing IT infrastructure audit

When planning the database management systems scaling, it is worth performing the IT infrastructure audit to make sure that the new functions of the system can be fully used. IT infrastructure audit allows, among others:

  • werification of authorizations, including data access security,
  • assigning appropriate functions to their coordinators,
  • checking the need to hire additional employees to address the needs of the organization,
  • optimization of activities and processes in the IT department,
  • preparing the organization for the infrastructural changes, including the migration of company resources to the cloud.

What do you gain as part of an IT infrastructure audit?



Thanks to the current IT infrastructure configuration analysis, you will check whether it is compliant with good security practices and whether it is able to address vulnerabilities. At the same time, you will learn an objective data security assessment, including high availability solutions and recovery of the environment in the event of a failure.

Process optimization

After the IT infrastructure audit, your company will be sure that the introduced changes will improve the processes and properly assign specific functions to the departments or persons in the company, or suppliers responsible for them. Thanks to that, the communication between the IT department, internal and external customers, as well as suppliers will be improved.

System performance

Organized data, order in the system, and the assignment of people responsible for individual resources is a recipe for the effective operation of systems. Thanks to the audit of the IT infrastructure, together we are able to take care of all the components of success.

Why should you choose an IT infrastructure audit conducted by summ-it?

By carrying out audits of IT infrastructure in summ-it, we want to understand the processes in the organization as well as possible and adjust the IT infrastructure in such a way as to effectively support the company’s goals. Our experience allows us to provide you with safety and service at the highest level.


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IT infrastructure types for which we conduct an IT audit


Traditional infrastructure

The traditional infrastructure is for the sole use of the company and is fully installed on site. It includes all elements of the building infrastructure, data processing centres and systems (operationals, ERP, CRM, CMS) and equipment, e.g. servers, arrays, network equipment, and personal computers.

Cloud infrastructure

This solution relies on connecting users with a given infrastructure via the Internet, thanks to which there is no need to install given resources at the company’s premises (on-premise). Thanks to the combination of physical servers maintained by a given company, in such an infrastructure each user can have access to the necessary data in any place where the Internet can be accessed.

Tailored IT infrastructure – traditional or cloud

  • increases the effectiveness of the organization’s employees
  • ensures the proper customer experience when using the software
  • improves the developed solutions and allows them to be introduced to the market faster
  • allows you to make key decisions faster by measuring and analysing data

Meet clients with whom we reach the peak together

As part of the cooperation, it supports the management information reporting system and management dashboards. Cyclic security and system scaling audits are also performed for the client, ensuring a proactive approach to IT infrastructure management.

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