Database compliance with the GDPR audit

Due to the fact that the vast majority of personal data in organizations is stored in database systems, we offer a system audit verifying the sets of personal data in the organization in order to prepare the company to maintain them in a manner consistent with the requirements of the GDPR Act.

Specializing in designing the database systems architecture, we have developed a proprietary system audit program that incorporates the best practices regarding data security.

Data compliance with the GDPR

Personal data processing security

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The importance of GDPR for your business

The regulation on the personal data protection has been in force for all entrepreneurs since 2018. The purpose of the GDPR is, among others, to facilitate the transfer of personal data between different suppliers, and easier access to data, which will be presented in a more clear and transparent way, thus ensuring security in the age of digitization and new technologies.

What risk is your company exposed to if it does not meet the GDPR requirements?

If errors in data management are detected, your company will face severe fines and reputation damage. Keeping your company’s database compliant with the GDPR is also a matter of your company’s reputation. By not meeting the requirements of the GDPR, your company may lose its market competitiveness, as well as the trust of partners, associates and customers of the company.

When is it worth conducting a GDPR audit?

  • If you process large personal datasets
  • You want to address the expectations of the regulator, i.e. the Office for Personal Data Protection Office
  • If your company’s employees do not have time to check and monitor the compliance of processes with the GDPR,
  • You do not have a separate department or a qualified person with experience regarding provisions of the GDPR and who is up to date with the improvements coming into force,
  • You are not sure whether all new processes, changes or new systems and updates implemented in your company require security and appropriate preparation in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR,
  • You are looking for an expert who has experience with huge databases both in the context of GDPR and database maintenance and auditing of data performance and security.


Why an audit of data compliance with GDPR with summ-it?



database systems implementations


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The range of the GDPR compliance audit service in summ-it

Stage 1

  • Conducting a full analysis of IT systems, in particular datasets
  • Data classification
  • Possibility of using security verification (anonymization, encryption)
  • Data loss risk research

In the first stage, you will receive a detailed report summarizing the analysed state of the solutions used.


Stage 2

  • Identification and qualification of personal datasets
  • Personal datasets analysis
  • Risk analysis for the datasets keeping

As a result, we provide expert support and recommendations for further actions along with personalized tips on how to process data in the future in accordance with the GDPR.

What technical elements related to GDPR should you take care of in your company?


Use of legal, genuine, and up-to-date equipment (servers, computers, mobile devices) and software

Having current licenses of the tools used, updated operating systems, and anti-virus

Secure passwords and encryption programs usage

Data encryption in order to avoid leaks

Keeping records and current documentation

Applying all safeguards that allow the processing of personal data in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR

To make sure that your company properly processes personal data in all its activities, it is worth performing a compliance audit of databases with the GDPR. At summ-it, we conduct compliance audits of the processed data with the GDPR, guaranteeing full support and a number of recommendations to secure the data management processes in your company.

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summ-it provides a continuous support service 24/7, supporting more than 20 IT systems, including SQL Server and Oracle database systems. One of the areas supported by Baltic Wood is a data reporting system based on SQL Server database technology and the SharePoint platform.

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