Construction and operation of a data warehouse

Data warehouses are becoming a standard in business analytics systems. It is a highly effective way of organizing and processing information related to the functioning of the enterprise, which helps to deal with the excess of data flowing from many sources. How does the construction and operation of a data warehouse look like in practice?

BI Database management systems

A database is a system whose task is to store large collections of information. The aim is to ensure security, and at the same time to guarantee users easy and convenient access to the necessary data and the possibility of processing it. To make this possible, database management systems are necessary in this case. Find out what they are and how they work.

Data warehouses in controlling

Conscious business decisions, based on reliable and precise data, with a low risk of error, provide the basis for effective management in the company. Advanced analytical tools and controlling processes play a very important role for a modern and developing business. A noteworthy issue is the use of a data warehouse in controlling. See what it looks like in practice.

What is business analytics

The activity of enterprises, especially when it comes to a large organization, means the flow of huge amounts of data from various sources. This information is financial, billing, inventory, HR data, acquired customers, equipment depreciation and much more. The obtained figures and information gain significance for the company’s profitability only after in-depth analysis. See what exactly business analytics is and for what purpose it is implemented.

Database warehouse architecture

An organization that is increasing the scale of its operations is faced with a huge amount of data and information. They provide valuable tips for making the right business decisions. However, it is crucial to ensure an appropriate data management system. Find out what a database warehouse is and check what architecture of a database warehouse is possible to implement and which one to choose?

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