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At the beginning of July, we opened a collection at the Poznan office to help the animals of the Azorek Shelter in Oborniki. We all love to bring help, so we were very eager to get involved to improve the comfort of our four-legged friends.

We managed to collect the most necessary products and went to the shelter with them.

A visit to the shelter

On Saturday, 05/08/2023, we jointly visited the Azorek shelter, where we had the pleasure of personally meeting the dogs, who associate their lives with the walls of the shelter, having an uninteresting past. Fortunately, they are well cared for there by staff and volunteers, with whose help we went for a walk together. How much love and energy these dogs have in them!


Many thanks to the shelter staff and volunteers for their help in organizing the event and the time spent together. We hope that we were able to make even a tiny contribution to support you in the fight for a better fate for the animals and that these wonderful friends will find the home they deserve.

We encourage everyone to do the same! We believe that any help will come in handy, and walking with the dogs together can be a great form of team integration. Let’s not forget that good comes back!

See for yourself how you can help:

Jakub Mazerant
Head of Sales

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