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A satisfied, successful customer is the best motivation for further work. We decided to tell the story of how summ-it and Verseo started working together.

Verseo is one of the largest SEM and SEO agencies in Central Europe. Internet marketing is a place where they develop skills and achieve goals. People and machine are the perfect combination, allowing them to meet the expectations of more than 3,000 customers from all over the world. Since its existence, Verseo has been looking for a technology partner to collaborate and obtain help in analyzing massive amounts of data.

Online marketing on a global scale is not a small challenge. 120 specialists, 3,000 clients, lots of data and optimization tools require a well-designed infrastructure and continuous support.

Responding to Verseo’s needs, we started cooperation and are still implementing new projects. For us it’s a huge responsibility to receive the most valuable customer data, so the basic rule is to secure this information. At the beginning, we had to prove that we were able to keep up with the fast pace of Verseo’s work. We started off with simple projects, such as the analysis of our clients’ Google Ads and ended up with the Grader app that allows automatic account evaluation.

To answer the business needs, we prepared Modern Data Warnhouse, which is the only source of truth in the organization. As a result, Verseo is able to precisely analyse data about the clients’ Google Ads campaigns.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we deliver knowledge and experience. We also provide proven tools delivered by one of the main hyperscale cloud providers. The Microsoft Azure platform ensures that all solutions are fully secured and able to answer our clients’ needs.

The cooperation of Verseo and summ-it brings a lot of benefits and competitive advantage. Our story was told by Krzysztof Masłowski and Maciej Popiołek from Verseo. Wojciech Wencel told about the technological aspects of summ-it as a solution provider.

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Jakub Mazerant
Head of Sales

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