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The report presents a ranking of IT companies and an analysis of the needs of customers in the ICT industry. As part of the publication in 2022, Wojciech Wencel was interviewed about the business values and opportunities of Polish companies in terms of data operationalization, the needs reported by modern organizations and the challenges related to analytics.

Each problem related to the database environment has consequences that affect the functioning of the entire company. Check what problems modern organizations face, what business consequences are exposed and how to prevent them.

Best 100

In this year’s BEST 100 report published by iTWIZ Media Group sp.z o.o. there is a ranking of manufacturers and suppliers of IT solutions and services present on the Polish market, based on data and sales results from 2021. The edition contains lists of current trends, analyzes and plans related to the use of IT technologies.

The Best 100 report is almost 270 pages filled with data and facts, including over 50 tables, 30 articles with technological news and 14 interviews in the section ,,Executive ViewPoint” with Wojciech Wencel – CEO summ-it.

At summ-it, we create tools that operate on data

Wojciech Wencel in an interview with Piotr Waszczuk talked about the business values resulting from the operationalization of data. He mentioned the needs that companies show in the context of database environments. He described the problems and challenges related to advanced analytics and learning
machine. Find out from the article how summ-it responds to the needs of the modern market, helping its clients achieve success.

,,Each problem with the database environment translates into significant business consequences – from production downtime, through the inability to support sales processes, to financial penalties. As a result, security – understood as a guarantee of database availability – is highly valued today. These types of services are the foundation of our offer”

Wojciech Wencel – CEO & Founder summ-it

In the article you will learn about:

  • Do enterprises collect data correctly and are they able to use it?
  • What are the main barriers related to the implementation of advanced analytics?
  • What are the challenges of implementing analytics based on machine learning algorithms?
  • What area does summ-it focus on and what is the key in the offer?
  • In what direction are we developing our competences?
  • What successes have motivated us the most to further development?

You can read the article in PDF.

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