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X jubilee edition of the conference about cloud as a business development tool and innovation center. The event was based on examples of real projects that helped answer the question of how the cloud changes companies and allows to effectively achieve business goals. Check out valuable security practices for software development in the public cloud.

Best in Cloud conference

This is the 10th edition of the event organized by Computerworld Polska. The global situation that has lasted for several years has influenced the need to run digital business and developed the cloud computing market in Poland. The aim of the conference was to draw attention to the possibilities and ways of effective use of the cloud in business development.

“We organize the conference for managers considering migration to the cloud, interested in cloud computing solutions and providers of cloud solutions and services”

Organizers of the best in cloud event

This year’s conference was held online on May 12. Event was hosted by Jarosław Kuźniar. The conference focused on a 7-hour session of expert live speeches. Each presentation contained the most valuable experience gained while running cloud projects. There were almost 30 speakers at the event who raised the topic of the cloud as a catalyst for development and innovation:

  • Case studies of the cloud migration process
  • Cost optimization
  • Multicloud – opportunities and risks
  • Cloud security
  • Cloud in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects
  • Cloud in the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept

This is the third edition in which summ-it has become a content partner to share with participants professional knowledge and experience.

Software development security in the public cloud 

Our expert Grzegorz Wasylów – Systems Architect & Software Development Lead prepared a presentation to talk about how to safely develop software in the public cloud.

Grzegorz is a certified Microsoft MCSD engineer and a Microsoft technology trainer – he has trained over 100 engineers in Europe. He has 12 years of experience in the IT industry in the field of banking and insurance. The experience includes not only programming, but also soft skills in cooperation with large clients and managing an international IT team. Certification in the field of Agile PM, ITIL and Lean Management is a confirmation of a professional approach to work, as well as a guarantee of providing the best solution when working with clients from the finance, trade, production and public sectors.

“The aim of the presentation was to present the topic of software development security in the public cloud. I shared my experience gained during projects for clients from various business sectors, focusing on identifying good practices. The most important element of the speech are practical examples discussing the challenges that have arisen in the course of previous implementations, taking into account the security aspect”

Grzegorz Wasylów – Systems Architect

How to safely develop software in the cloud

The facts show that companies in most of their activities participate in the cloud world, where data protection should be a priority.

There are three aspects to operating safely in cloud environments.

  1. New ability to publish applications – Azure Managed Applications
  2. Cloud security rules – Cloud Adoption Framework CAF
  3. Basic security principles – MFA, Azure Firewall, Azure Lending Zones

Each of the listed elements has been thoroughly explained by our expert, including real examples.

How to act to stay safe

  1. Fast and flexible action is advisable. Remember about the strategy and security by using the CAF (Cloud Adoption Framework) along with its action plan.
  2. Case study. Business pressure on time of solution delivery generates risk. It has an impact on how the organization will be received.
  3. Automated Azure Managed Applications process. Secured resources are attached to the client’s cloud infrastructure. The costs are automatically billed on individual subscription.
  4. Infrastructure as a Code – using Azure DevOps and CI/CD mechanisms as a repeatability of the process and a guarantee of its execution in the production and implementation cycle of the software.
  5. After implementation, periodic audit: rationalization, review of costs, scalability and operational security.
  6. We are as strong as our weakest security in the system.

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Head of Sales

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